Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Forex Killer 70% Probability - Make More Pips With This Forex Trading Strategy

If you were to type in the words "forex trading systems" into any popular search engine, you would quickly reach the conclusion that the Forex Killer trading system is one of the most popular types of forex trading software available. For those who may have been misinformed, Forex Killer isn't an automated system, but rather a signal generator designed for trading more profitably. The complex algorithm of the software computes for you a critical piece of information you need to make more pips. Forex Killer can tell you whether or not you should take a trade and what the probability is that the trade will end profitably. The most attractive benefit of using this software is the 70% probability factor.

Reason #1 More Profitable Trades With The Forex Killer 70% Probability Factor

For example, suppose you are considering a short position on the USD/GBP. Forex Killer's unique mathematical process will calculate whether or not a short position is a profitable option based on the system's algorithm. The software will give you a reading to buy, sell or not trade. In order to make the most profitable trade, both signals should match, saying either "BUY" or "SELL" and at least one signal should give you at least a 70% probability of success. Sticking to this one rule will allow you to make more profitable trades as well as save you the anxiety and expense of multiple poor decisions.

Reason # 2: Fast, User-friendly Market Analysis

Many traders spend countless hours pouring over financial trading signal charts trying to analyze the market on their own. They fret and stew about whether or not they've interpreted the data correctly and then walk the floors each night over trades based on that data that might or might not make any money. Forex Killer makes it easy to upload the relevant trading signals and scan all the currency pairs in minutes rather than hours. You get an easy to read and easy to understand format that, when coupled with the Forex Killer 70% probability factor, allows you to make the most of any possible trading opportunity.

Reason #3: Outstanding Return on Investment (ROI)

If you looks at most trading signal providers, they often want a recurring payment in order for you to keep receiving signals. Forex killer allows you to generates many signals as you like at any time without having to pay a monthly bill. This piece of software carries with it an amazingly high ROI because not only can you generate your own signals at no more cost than simply the software itself, but you also save money because it allows you to make faster and more educated trading decisions.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions, also known as M&A, are corporate processes of acquiring new assets by buying taking over other business or by merging with them. Like any type of business activity there are pros and cons for both mergers and acquisitions. Some of the pros include: the potential to add value to a company’s bottom line, the potential to increase a market share, and the potential to add assets to a company’s holdings. While M&As have several pros, they also have several cons. Some of the cons include bad public reaction to hostile takeovers, resistance from the targeted company and the acquisition of additional liabilities and problems.

While mergers and acquisitions are usually talked about together, they are different processes. There are two main types of acquisitions, a share purchase and an asset purchase. In a share purchase acquisition a company will buy shares of a target company from its shareholders. By doing this it gains equity in the target company merging the two companies together. The second type of acquisition is an asset purchase. In an asset purchase the buying company only selects specific assets to purchase. By doing this the buying company is able to select the assets that they want to acquire without having to take on the liabilities and problems of the target company.

Mergers are also interested in acquiring assets, however, they fund their purchases differently. There are three basic types of mergers, all share deals, cash deals and hybrid deals. In all share deals the merger is financed by exchanging shares in one company for shares in the other. In a cash deal, cash is used to purchase company stock. In hybrid deals both cash and shares are used to finance the merger deal. The type of funding deal that is used will be up to the companies involved and the liquidity of the buying company and the target company.

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Consistent Profit From Forex Trading - Would You Like to Upgrade Your Life Style?

Trading foreign exchange has some very vital aspects. It is just like a game where you need to take care of the following few things:

  • Stay patient.
  • Avoid sentiments like fear, greed, anger etc.
  • You must be analytical.
  • You must be quick to take decision.
  • You must be a good speculator.

These are the generalized factors which you need to keep in mind so that you can reap some profit from the currency market. In order to get some consistent profit from forex trading, the most important thing that you need to possess as a trader is the confidence in yourself.

The other vital aspect is the possession of the appropriate knowledge and skill. The more you trade in the market, the better knowledge you can gain and hence, you can earn consistent profit from forex trading over the long run. This is because; your ability to analyze the market and understand the essential parameters improve over time and you can develop on your confidence level.

People may think that the volatility of the market is the most unwanted hindrance in front of them and may opt for not to trade. But, the truth has something different to say and the fact is that the volatile nature of the market is the best tool to make enormous profits by proper speculative buying and selling. If you are reluctant to buy any Automatic forex System or do not believe when people call something to be the best Automated Forex System, you need to carefully tailor your strategies and develop a good analytical skill which can help you to understand certain indicators like (Moving Average Convergence

Divergence histogram or Slow Stochastic Indicators which are used to speculate future price movements). Automated System helps in forecasting the price movements and the economic and environmental factors and helps you to earn consistent profit from Forex trading. This however does not mean that you will not be able to do the same.

All you need to do is that you need to keep a close look on the various indicators and the economic, political, social and environmental factor and develop the sense of forecasting based on analysis. The best Automated System will always take care of these factors along with elimination of the human factors like greed, fear, anger etc. Thus the need of emotional management is also very vital when it is about making consistent profit from forex trading.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Leverage and Commodities Trading - The Basic Terminology

Commodities trading, like any other commodity trading, utilize a principle called "leverage" to expand the reach of the investor. Much like mechanical leverage in your old physics class, financial leverage is about multiplying the amount of motion you get from the energy you put into a transaction.

How it works is like this: Instead of ponying up $10,000 of your own money to make a commodities trade, you put up about $500 (1/20th of the amount purchased), and borrow the remaining $9,500. Let's say that your trade shifts by 10 basis points between the price you purchased the commodity at and the price you sold it at; you've made a $10,000 purchase and sold it for $10,100, making a $100 profit on the transaction. Now, you will have to pay back the $9,500 you made, plus some interest on the loan. Let's assume that the interest is 9% per year, and that you made the margin purchase and sale in a 24-hour period. If you held on to the $9,500 for an entire year, you would have to pay $855 in interest.

Since you only held on to it for one day, you pay $855/365=$2.35 in interest on it. Your net profit on your $500 investment is $100 (the profit from the transaction) minus the interest on the money you used for leverage ($2.35), or about $97.65, which is about a 19.5% rate of return in one day. Margin trades are the fundamental tool of the trade of the day trader in commodities trading. They're also useful for position traders to magnify their leverage on a market, particularly if they can get a good rate on the interest they're paying on their margin run.

Let's say you make a trade that goes up, but you think it has farther to go; you can make an informed decision about how far up you're willing to wait, or what signals you're waiting for, and just pay the daily interest and fee on the money you borrowed for the margin run. Yes, it'll eat into your profit, but it can be used to play a bet long rather than frantically watching for every possible blip in the market. Leverage and margin are useful tools, but going back to the analogy from physics, they can be dangerous ones. Most trading houses will have a margin ratio - this is how many of your own dollars you have to put in for each dollar of leverage you get to exert.

The reason for this is that many trade choices don't pan out, and a call to pay back the money (a margin call) can cause an entire network of trades to go under if you default. (As an historical aside, most of the stock market and commodities and futures market horror stories in circulation were magnified by margin calls and leverage gone bad.) If you're serious about commodity trading as your job, and by serious, we mean willing to work 9 to 10 hours a day on it at odd hours of the night; leverage and margin are tools you should know. If you're just dabbling in it, trade commodities markets with a position trading strategy instead, and keep your margin ratios sane.

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Forex Trading - 5 Essential Facts You Need to Understand to Win

Here we are going to give you some forex facts you will need to know, before you start to trade. These facts you should understand before trading, if you don't you will lose...

Here are your forex facts that if you understand them can lead you to forex trading success.

1. Expert Advisors are Not Experts!

In most instances the vendors selling forex robots, systems and trading signals are not experts at all and by expert I mean proven traders. They use hyped copy to sell meaningless paper simulations and traders buy them and lose. Be very wary of anyone claiming to be an expert.

2. Markets are an Odds Game Only!

You get a lot of people who will tell you can predict with scientific accuracy but this is simply not true.

If of course you could, we would all know the answer in advance and there would be no market. There an odds games and that means you will take losses along the way.

3. Simplicity Is Better than Complex

50 years ago before powerful computers and forecasting methods 95% of traders lost and they still do today. So all the advances in the period haven't improved the number of winners.

Success relies on a simple system which you understand and can apply with confidence. If you can do this, you will have the next key point covered.

4. A Good Method will NOT Ensure Success

Because you have to keep your emotions in check and apply it with discipline.

Discipline is the key! You have to keep executing your trading signals through periods of losses until you hit a home run. If you don't apply your method with discipline, you don't have one!

5. Forex Trading is a learned Skill and to Inspire You

Anyone can learn to win at forex trading - it's a learned skill not a god given gift.
This was proved in a famous experiment when trading legend Richard Dennis taught a group of people with no experience, to trade in 14 days and they went on to make $100 million. How did he do it?

He taught them a simple method and gave them confidence in it from the ground up so they would have the discipline to apply it.

Success Rests on the Following and it's a Fact

So to win you don't have to work hard but you do need to work smart and get the right education and mindset. If you do this you can win and you can enjoy currency trading success. Always keep in mind this fact the market doesn't beat the trader, the trader beats himself. You can win but success is in your hands - Good Luck!


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